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Ever play zombie game before? do you remember this feeling, this cold sweat when assaulted by many zombies with in your hands only few ammo !?
That’s what zombit is about. killing zombies and struggling with only one ammo, your only one arrow.

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How to Play:

  • Touch the arrow to harvest It.
  • Touch the zombie to kill it.
  • Touch the blowed away head to get your arrow back..
  • Kill zombies before they eat you.

Screen5          Screen4

Don’t break your arrow by shooting the floor.
When you break your arrow Tap quickly and pray and have a chance to get an arrow back.

Game features:

  • Arcade original Gameplay.
  • Challenge your friends with the LeaderBoard (Google acount sign in required)
  • Share videos of your playing session with everyplay

store_badges_iphoneZombit_walk store_badges_android